Welcome to Upstream Baits

We are a small bait company based in Berkshire, producing a concise range of premium boilies, proper liquid foods, & high quality oils.
All ingredients are sourced by us, mixed and blended by us, and finally rolled by us. Its our bait. No middle man here.
We’re not trying to reinvent the bait wheel, or revolutionise the industry, we just love making bait and love doing it properly,
Big, oily, oldschool fishmeals, and proper soft crumbly birdfoods. This is us.

Bait Range

Red Marine

A big hitting proper old school Fishmeal. Over 50% fish and crustacean meals, including LT94, Pre digested and Antarctic Krill meal. Genuine Haiths Robin red and birdfoods. The liquid package includes our Hydrolysed salmon and krill blend, a premium red salmon oil, and the legendary Shellfish Sense Appeal. Proper.

Carp Bait Red Marine by Upstream Baits

Ocean 12

Another big fishmeal, with over 50% Fish and crustacean meals, Including LT94, Pre digested and a fishmeal blend. Haiths Birdfoods and a unique spice blend. The liquid package includes our Hydrolysed Salmon & Krill blend. A premium red salmon oil and a low level inclusion fruit palatant. Different but still proper!

Sherbert Cream

The Sherbet Cream. A proper Birdfood & Milk Protein bait.
A blend of Haiths birdfoods, Milk & Whey proteins, and an enzyme treated yeast product. The liquid package includes liquid liver and a hydrolysed active yeast extract blended with the Sherbet Cream flavour profile, this is then finished off with a cream stim palatant and hemp oil. Soft, Crumbly, and very digestible. Perfect carp food!

Carp Bait Sherbert Cream by Upstream Baits

Matching Corkballs, Popups, and Hard Hookers available for all baits.

We also have a large range of liquid foods and oils.

Prices and Delivery



£7.50 per kg


£7.00 per kg


£6.50 per kg

Sizes are 14mm & 18mm. Orders upto 10k are 1 size only, (20k and over can be split into different sizes)
12mm & 18mm dumbells available, For 12mm add 50p per kg

Next Day Delivery









All orders will be sent out fresh and never frozen. During busy periods please allow up to 10 days for orders to be processed.

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